Act as engineering management consultants on behalf of the Client

Review of the Project Scope of work, Technical Bids

Engineering Management Planning

Engineering Deliverables List review / preparation

Participate in the key project review meetings representing engineering management

Interfaces and coordinate them with other project functions such as supply chain, project management, construction team, etc

Specialized or General Engineering Management Trainings, Coaching, Mentoring

Design basis and design philosophies such as Isolation Philosophy, Relief and Blowdown philosophy, Drainage philosophy, Operating and control philosophy, Start-up and Shutdown Philosophy

Process/Utility Flow Diagrams, Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs)

Heat and Mass balance using Hysys Simulation

Sizing calculations of gas-liquid separators (2 phase and 3 phase) as per API, Shell DEP & GPSA standards, Sizing of tanks, columns, rating of the shell & tube exchangers, Sizing of HP & LP flare knock out drums (as per API 521)

Depressurization and blowdown studies for sizing for BDV valve design, Equipment MDMT (Minimum Design Metal Temperature) for Fire / adiabatic scenarios using Aspen Hysys Dynamic Utility

Calculations of pressure relief valve sizing including orifice & inlet-outlet line sizing calculation using API 521, API 520 Part I & API 526. Orifice selection for single phase & two phase relief (using DIERs Omega method), Supercritical fluids

Process data sheets for the mechanical equipment and Instrument data sheets

Design review, Plot Plan review, 3D Piping model reviews, SIL, HAZOP, HAZID, SIMOPS, Constructability reviews, Bid clarification meetings, progress meetings, Engineering-Construction meetings

Review of the Vendor documents (P&IDs, C&E, Data sheets, Operating philosophy), Design change notices, and Variation orders

Visit to the Vendor's premises for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for ICSS, Mechanical packages

Review of the Plant Operating Manuals

Fire protection philosophy / design basis

Technical data sheets for all firefighting system equipment

Safety studies such as consequence modelling, QRA studies, flare radiation studies, EERA study, F & G Mapping study, Noise mapping study, Dispersion analysis study and EIA

Facilitate HAZOP workshop, SIL study, PHSER review and Provide technical support

Design and drafting of all types of Passive fire protection system layouts, Hazardous area classification layouts

Water Sprinkler System, Spray system, Foam System design

Design & Engineering of Gas based extinguishing system design

Fire alarm system design and preparation of layouts

Software based hydraulic calculation for all fire protection system

Review of Technical safety vendor documents, Technical bid analysis (TBE), Visit to vendor's premise for FAT

Material selection is a key engineering design activity and critical in maintaining the long-term performance & integrity of equipment and facilities.

Our expertize engineer(s) support client requirements by assessing corrosion rates and material degradation risks, recommending economic and effective materials selections, and appropriate corrosion mitigation and management strategies to:

Maintain the safety & integrity of the facilities

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs

We have adequate expertise covering wide range of applications and services; selection of materials; corrosion control methods and management of corrosion risks; and coating/painting requirements.

Typical services for material selection design cover the below:

Corrosion rate assessment for process systems

Materials selection Report (MSR)

Material Selection Diagrams (MSD)

Coating/Painting Specifications (internal and external)

Corrosion monitoring & management reports

Corrosion resistant alloys selection

Basic Cathodic Protection Requirements

Dissimilar metal/Galvanic corrosion mitigations

Pipeline corrosion reports and corrosion controls

Our expertize engineer(s) had experienced in the below typical oil & gas industry related systems and its material selection design:

Pipelines (wellfluids/injection gas/injection water)

Inlet Separation (manifolds/separators)


Stabilization/Stripper columns

Mercury Removal unit

Gas compression units

Gas sweetening unit/Amine Unit and regeneration sections

Gas dehydration unit/TEG Unit and regeneration units

Oil and Gas export systems

Fuel gas conditioning skids

Flare/drain systems

Seawater treatment and deaeration units

Deoxygenated seawater systems

Different chemical systems

Pump materials selection in different process fluids

Utility systems

Auto Cad Drafting services for,

   Process flow sheets

   Piping and instrumentation diagrams

   Piping Layout

   Isometric drawings

   Control schematics

   General Arrangement Drawings

   Vessel Fabrication Drawings

Design basis and specification for power generation & distribution system

Preparation of electrical system studies in ETAP (Load sharing, Load shedding), Electrical system operating philosophy

Design Specifications and engineering calculations equipment (i.e. generators, transformers, HV switchgears, LV switchgears, NERs, AC UPS / DC UPS, emergency diesel generators),

Single line diagrams, Load list, MCC I/O list

CSubstation equipment layouts, lighting layouts and earthing layouts,

MTOs, material requisitions, Vendor drawing review, equipment inspections (FAT)

Design Basis / Specification for Instrumentation and Control System

Data sheets Instruments (PSV, Control valves, transmitters, gauges, analyzers, HIPPS, Shutdown valves, Orifice plates, On-off valves)

Specification for ICSS system (i.e. Main Automation Contractor)

Preparation / Review of Control Narratives, Cause & Effect, F&G mapping

Preparation / Review Architectural Layouts for Control Systems, CCR, IER

Review of Instrument drawings, Instrument calculations, HMI Graphics

Participation in HAZOP, SIL, Constructability Review, 3D model reviews

Visits to vendors works for Meetings, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT)