Design stages We cover

Based on our broad experience and deep understanding of the industry and market trends, we conduct studies to evaluate the market opportunity and validate the technical and economic feasibility of the proposed designs.

Activities in Concept Definition can include Process scheme optimization, Layout development, P&ID initial development, Identification of Long lead items, Cost estimating and economic assessment, Project schedule enhancement, Preparation of survey scopes of work, Development of risk mitigation plans, Project Execution Plan and contracting strategy finalization, Basis of design update.

In this package, we translate the conceptual design or feasibility study of the project into an optimum & comprehensive engineering design that reflects the Client requirements while adhering to applicable statutory rules and regulations. FEED establishes the foundations on which the later phases of a project build.

Activities in Front End Engineering Design include preparation of the Plant Philosophies (Isolation, relief and blowdown, ESD, Plant Operation and Control philosophy), Issue of enquiries for long lead or high cost items, Piping / Equipment Material Selection, Preparation of FEED P&IDs, Equipment data sheets, Package specifications, Layout Finalization, Equipment list, Utility load list, Chemical summary.

Detailed Engineering Design is the essential bridge between the FEED and the construction phase of the project. Our team of reliable and experienced engineers & designers are fully capable of delivering the complete Detailed Engineering Design package defining all details necessary for construction. Latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools are extremely used to come up with the optimum design ensuring maximum construction, operational and maintenance convenience. We adhere to relevant standards, specifications, procedures & regulations.

Design areas We cover

Wellheads, Gathering systems and export pipelines

Slug catchers and Inlet separation


Crude oil stabilization

Custody storage and export

Custody Metering

Crude distillation unit (CDU)

Vacuum distillation unit (VDU)

Gas sweetening process involving CO2 and H2S removal (Amine absorption and Regeneration)

Gas dehydration using TEG / Molecular Seives

Sulphur recovery unit, Tail Gas Treatment Unit

NGL recovery and fractionation (De-ethaniser and De-butaniser)

Flare and blowdown system

Instrument air / Plant air

Nitrogen generation package

Water treatment (raw water, cooling water, potable water, demin water)

Steam generation and distribution

Produced water treatment

Oily water treatment

Open and Closed drainage